Friday, May 20, 2011


What is Further Mathematics T?

Further Mathematics T, as it names suggests, was an extension of the Mathematics T subject used for the STPM syllabus of 1993-2012. It was, of course, harder than the original paper, covers another 16 more topics, and is beneficial for those who are thinking of pursuing their studies in the fields of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, or any mathematical related courses. Further Mathematics T was to be taken as the student’s 5th STPM subject (the maximum amount of subjects you can take is 5 in STPM), but it must be taken with Mathematics T. The most common combination of subjects for Further Maths candidates are Pengajian Am, Chemistry, Physics, Maths T and Further Maths T.

Further Mathematics T was not an easy paper. In fact, it is the hardest paper, and there are very few candidates taking it every year. Let me show you some statistics:

2008 – 36 candidates

2009 – 16 candidates (only 2 candidates passed. I was the only 'calon sekolah kerajaan'!)
2010 – 22 candidates

(source: taken from MPM website every year)

From the figures, you can guess that you can rarely find a Further Mathematics T teacher out there. Certain schools in Penang and Ipoh might have teachers teaching in school, but not in any other of the 12 states in Malaysia. Further Mathematics T candidates basically study independently, and have to do a lot of self studies in order to score a decent grade for it.

Do you want to take Further Mathematics as your 5th STPM subject? This blog may be a little out-dated, as the syllabus has been changed in 2012, but it still contains certain chapters which are still relevant for you. Feel free to browse through, I am here to assist those who are willing to challenge themselves to the hardest.

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